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Anderson Mini Die Casting Capabilities

Professional Die Cast Manufacturing - Quality Service Since 1953.

Miniature zinc die castings range from a few grams to about 1/2 pound. Parts typically need to be smaller than 2.5” by 2.5” by 2.5”, but larger parts can be produced depending on part geometry.

Some of the advantages of miniature zinc die castings are as follows:

  • Can be produced virtually flash free
  • Tolerances of +/- .0005” can be achieved where necessary
  • Tooling expense typically is 50% lower than traditional die casting tools
  • Die change-over is quick making even smaller runs cost effective
  • Four slide machine technology allow for complex geometry to be cast with minimal secondary operations
  • Quick cycle times result in competitive part costs
  • Multiple alloys are available allowing for thin wall castings and/or high strength castings
  • Excellent surface finish quality
  • Contact us to see if your project is a good fit for miniature die casting.